Yip Heung Ching Hilary (b. 1994, Hong Kong)
Currently based in London

Architecture manifests ambition and ideology. The heart of Yip’s practice dwells in absence. Perhaps of use? She makes plans for Non-spaces.

From an architecture background, Yip’s practice revolts against the utilitarian focus of her trainings. Building on what Forensic Architecture calls 'architecture in reverse', architecture; its laborious analytical rigour and computational capacity are understood to be under-utilised if kept under the bounds of its profession.

A planning, be it for a cross-harbour tunnel, an evacuation facility or a fireworks show perform visions, promises and expectations. A fictional plan stripped of its original function and bounded location (terrestrial distractions), becomes a disobedient form; it destabilises what we know and how we know it, exposes how we are obedient -to forms, to places and to language. It reveals political urgencies and ideologies that is served.

Information is treated as material. In Sluice she used facts from GCJ-02 obfuscation algorithm to weave fictional realities - imposing infrastructures of connection are translated into ambiguous objects. This imagination with water challenges the most primitive form of boarders between the land and the sea. Water’s comparatively slow refreshing rate in satellite imagery services accommodates these forgotten placeless place created by the digital mapping error.

In Bug it is the struggle of the rolling back of time in millennium scare. No longer location bound, it stresses on a time-bound occupancy/non-occupancy, pointing towards an anti-climax deadline. All of her projects can be treated as exit strategies in the placeless non-place.

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Selected Projects

/2019/Winner, Greater London Authority LDN Community Story Video Commission 


/2019/Haam4 Seoi2 Goeng1, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong, August 2019 Are We Complicit?, Laurie Grove Baths, London, March 2019 Themselves Warehouse Festival, Copeland Park, London, March 2019/2018/Deptford X Fringe 2018, Panda Panda, London, Sept 2018 Goldsmiths Fine Art End of Year Show, St James’s Annex, London, June 2018 Sound & Language, Special Collections and Archives Rutherford Building, London, Feb 2018/2016/Legacy, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong, August 2016


/2019/P.A.S.T.E. Zine, Are We Complicit?, Image of ‘Sluice’/2018/Dandelion Zine, ‘For Escapists, and Those Who Escaped’ 2018, Dandelion Zine in Peckham Anti Art Fair. Image of ‘Departure Details’

/2017-2020/ BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
/2012-16/ BSSc. Architectural Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

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