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A countdown from 1997 to 2000

Some say the millennium is the ultimate end to history, the millennium bug will eventually appear at the turn of the century, disasters materialize - planes fall from the sky, and nuclear power plants are to explode.

So they strive to transform time, years are being changed from two-digit to four-digit – Finally a time that belongs to the 21st century.

送舊迎新 means sending off the old and welcoming the new in Chinese.

Mr. Weather (天氣先生) deviates from its daily right-to-left path, walks in the Jantar Mantar and is forced to an early retirement...

97 Tsing Ma opening ceremony, 98 the belated Noon Day Gun embarrassment, 99 red-dominated fireworks... remind one that three years of active de-bugging have passed; the millennium deadline approaches and materializes in an anti-climax.

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