For Escapists, and Those who Escaped

Departure Details, pinholes on paper, set of 3, each 59.4 x 84.1 cm
Time is In Fact Linear Not Circular, photographic print, mixed media installation 387(L) x 35(H) x 15(W) cm
Sector 9, digitalized text on wool, 200 x 465 cm
(Sector 9) Sandglass, videos, 2 monitors, color & audio 22 min

An Abstract Demographic Mapping of Push and Pulls

A collection of recurring push and pulls,
changes in lightness, mass, volume, form, and density.

For the collective.
You’re in then you’re out.

It is to reassure,
to keep you afloat.
Celebration for the escapists,
and those who escaped.

Departure details, set of 3

Time is In Fact Linear Not Circular

Photographic Print, Mixed Media Installation 3870 x 150 x 350 mm

Sector 9

Digitalized Text on Wool 2000 x 4650 mm

(Sector 9) Sandglass

Videos, 2 Monitors, Color & Audio 22 min



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